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Due Diligence

For more than seven years of work, we obtained the trust of many large clients both in the CIS countries and abroad. Economies of the countries where we work provide many opportunities for investments within the context of both regional and international cooperation. The most popular of our services in such cases is conduction of a Due Diligence: the procedure of objective assessment of a potential object of financial investments.

This procedure includes collection of the relevant information about the investment object with a purpose of determination of the expediency of the investments and cooperation with potential partners. It includes formation of the customer’s idea of the investment object, assessment of investment risks, studying of the company’s activities and inspection of its market position and financial condition. In the final part of the analysis, we prepare a report specifying the objective pros and cons, as well as recommendations about further activities of the client. 

During the time of existence of our company, we have conducted an analysis of many Russian enterprises for possible investing of funds by foreign companies. Our team consisting of experts in the sphere of economics, accounting and jurisprudence conducts an analysis of corporate documents, financial statements, current contracts and other official sources of information. At the same time, we pay attention to the general position of the company in the market, successfulness of its business, absence of violations of rights to the sold products and observance of the patent legislation. If there are debt obligations, reliability of the company’s creditor is inspected. It all enables us to provide to the client a detailed report on the situation of the company and to accompany it with independent opinions of experts, providing the customer with an opportunity to adopt the most weighted decision.

The time limits for conduction of a Due diligence and the cost of the procedure vary depending on the volume of work and the object of study. 

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