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International tax planning

Tax planning is an important aspect in financial activities of most companies. It represents a complex of lawful methods of reduction of tax payments. Planning is conducted in accordance with the applicable tax benefits provided for by the (both national and international) legislation.

International tax planning (ITP) is conducted by various methods and tools. In most cases, a reference to ITP brings to mind a use of various offshore structures, funds, trusts, etc. However, ITP is certainly not limited to only these elements. 

The specifics of modern economy result in impossibility of independent work of any country of the world. Many companies constantly exist in the international trade system and carry out their activity in accordance with the international standards. Any subject of trade seeks to receive the largest profit at minimum cost, and reduction of tax payments is one of the most important ways of obtaining of such profit.

At the same time, proceeds from taxes are an important source of formation of a budget of any country. Use of complex tax mechanisms enables the government of the country to regulate and control financial activity at its territory. The most rational way is a reasonable combination of a tax burden on business and the volumes of tax receipts.

Therefore, international tax planning is not limited only to the national tax legislation, but requires the ability to work with tax systems of various states and to actively apply double taxation agreements, transfer pricing legislation and other instruments. 

The high qualification and long-term work experience enable our experts to provide high-quality services involving international tax planning. We will help you to create or optimize your business structure with due consideration of its specifics, to minimize tax expenses and risks and to provide consultations on cooperation with foreign partners. And the individual approach to each client makes possible adaptation of these services according to your needs.

Among our clients using this form of servicing are the “Dionix” group of companies, the Air France airline company and CJSC “Gazprom Telecom”.

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