дизайн интерьера в украине

Our clients


Energy, Oil and Gaz industries


TNK-BP (Russia)

ZAO «Gazprom Telekom» (Russia)

ZAO «CWS International» (Russia/Canada)

Arkadin (France)

 Prosernat (France)

TIM w.e. New Media Entartainment (Portugal)

Light industry

Machinery, precision industry

Petit Bateau (France)

CETAL (France)

Groupe Pronuptia (France)

ATEQ (France)

Entreprise "Klimatex" (Czech Republic)

GravoTech Group (France)

BTD Textile Group (Russia/Turkey)

"Цзиншань Маш" (China)

Texway (Russia)

KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. (Czech Republic)

 Security Services

CERIC Technologies (France)

 Amarante (France)



Bilsing Automation (Germany)


Descote (France)

  GKN Engineering (Royaume-Uni)

Banks, finance, insurance

Aerospace, aeronautical engineering, transportation

ZAO «Transkapitalbank» (Russia)

 Compagnie aérienne"Air France'" (France)

 Arval BNP Paribas Group

Entreprise TLD Europe (France)

Crédit industriel et commercial (France)

Aviaspecsnabgenie (Russia)

 Elfor (Russiа)


ATS (France)


KLM (Netherlands)

Production of consumer goods

Food industry, restoration

Gerflor (France)

ZAO " Europe Foods Gallina Blanca» (Russia/Espagne)

SFA (France)

 Osteria nel Parco (Russia)

 SIAMP (France)

Osteria della Piazza Bianca (Russia)


Restaurant Holding «Italyanec» (Russia)


 Restaurant Holding «Italyanskiy Sad» (Russia/Suisse)

Marketing, design, media


Entreprise GL Events (France)

Sescoi International (France)

Journal Le courrier de Russie

ООО «ZetCom» (Russia)

Buzzfactory (France)

Believe Digital (France)

Avenue Design (Belarus)

Go2Come Service

Design studio Artwell (Russia)


ZAO «Kupi Slova» (Russia)

Architecture, construction

Wholesale and retail

ООО «Stroitelno-montagnoe upravlenie №1» 


Floval (France)

ООО «Bildstroi» (Russia)

«Avrora Lab» (Russia)

ООО «MICROS Engineering» (Russia)

Non-profit organizations 

ООО «Stroyingemontage» (Russia)

Franco-Russian Center for Energy Efficiency


Braun + Associés Architectes (France)

CCI France Russie (Russia/France) 

ERAI (Russia/France)


CCI Paris Ile-de-France (Russie/France)

Automotive Industry

Service, printing, packaging

Exact Systems (Poland)

Entreprise «Dioniks» (Russia)

Afcot (France)

Entreprise «Gofroproekt» (Russia)

Demimpex (France)

Imprimerie «Viva-Star» (Russia)

  Laundry "Cento Percento"

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