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One-time counseling

A one-time legal consultation may be useful for you in the following situations:

- you get ready to enter a territorial or industry-specific business area that is new to you, and you intend to weight the legal risks;

- the encountered legal problem is beyond the competence of your internal lawyer, or you simply wish to get a professional opinion of third-party experts, in order to adopt a more weighted decision;

- you wish to get a preliminary consultation before commencement of a larger legal project (for example, a judicial process or a corporate reorganization).

One-time consultations are usually provided in a written form, except for a preliminary conversation before commencement of a large project, which may be oral.

As a rule, one-time consultations are paid hourly. Hoverer, it is also possible to set a fixed price of preparation of a consultation in advance. Also, in certain circumstances, the cost of a one-time consultation may be included into a total project cost.

It should be noted that one-time consultations are usually provided by prior arrangement and in certain circumstances may not be provided promptly enough. If you need legal consultations more or less regularly and wish to count on priority service, you should consider an issue on subscription legal servicing in one of the proposed forms. 

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