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Acquisition of business

Purchase of ongoing business is an excellent way to promptly enter a market and make oneself widely known in a new quality. Possessing qualification for work with the most diverse situations, Skif Consulting provides all the services required for purchasing of the existing business or selling of your own business.

When both the parties of a transaction seek to honour their interests to the best advantage, support of the sale and purchase process by a team of independent experts is the main condition of the fairness and harmony of the transaction.

At this stage, our company is ready to conduct a non-prejudicial investigation of the business situation, having provided accounting and legal analysis of the current state and evaluated the degree of readiness for the transaction. 

The process of collection of information is followed by congruence of interests of the parties. Due to the specifics of each particular enterprise, as well as the legislation of various jurisdictions, each case requires an individual approach.

Our company is ready to undertake development of the optimal business sale and purchase scheme making provisions for obligatory consideration of tax risks, as well as full safety of the conducted transaction for both the parties. 

Our company has experience of supporting of various transactions on sale and purchase of ongoing businesses of regional, federal and international scale. 

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