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On December 20, as a part of a business breakfast, the General Director of Skif Consulting Dmitry Demidenko presented the Association of customs auditors and consultants (ATAiK).

The association, which was registered on December 15, 2016, is a non-governmental non-commercial organization based on voluntary membership of the legal entities and citizens that are affiliated with it.

With its years of experience in legal business, Skif Consulting is developing a new direction in interaction between the foreign trade operators and the customs services.  The main goals of the association are:

-  coordination and development of activities of its members in the sphere of rendering customs audit services on the territory of Russia;

- representing and defense of rights and legitimate interests of its members on the territory of Russia and abroad.

You can find detailed information on the activities of the association, its partners and members at the website http://ataik.ru


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