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Trends in tax disputes

As reported Izvestia referring to official information of the press service of the Federal Tax Service, to plead with the Federal Tax Service is becoming more difficult.

In the first half of 2013 the share of legal disputes considered in favor of the tax authorities raised to 72%, whereas back in 2010 the figure was 44% and in 2012 it was 68%.

One of the main reasons for the changes of the statistics is that FTS managed to improve the work quality of its professionals. Instead of blindly running to the court in each occasion, the agency became to pay more attention to the pre-trial preparation and generally sends to the court only those cases which probability of winning is assessed as quite high.

However, it should be noted that this seemingly depressing statistics for taxpayers is also connected with the fact that FTS considers in it a number of disputes that are known for winning for inspections (e.g., for the recovery of tax debts).

Statistics on disputes contesting normative legal acts is much more positive for the taxpayer (according to the Supreme Arbitration Court of RF ). Despite the same trend of increasing the number of "victories" of taxmen, 57% of the cases are still won by the payers (in the first half of 2012 this figure was 62%).

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