дизайн интерьера в украине

Current accounting servicing

An internal chief accountant or the accounting service is an “unattainable luxury” for many small and medium-sized business representatives. Experts with a required qualification are expensive at the labour market. Besides, any additional staffing position involves additional expenses: social taxes, computer and specialized accounting software, advanced training, etc. The most efficient way to reduce the above-said expenses and to achieve the required result is instructing our experts to keep accounting.

Current accounting servicing implies a wide range of services which may be used by our clients both separately and in totality.

We offer:

- full maintenance of all accounting and its submission to authorized state authorities;
- partial maintenance of all accounting, in cooperation with an in-house accountant of the enterprise (for example, for only the “salary” segment or only the “VAT” segment);
- consultations with our experts in respect of problematic segments of accounting;
- consulting on arising tax questions (whenever required, with involvement of auditors and tax lawyers);
- assistance in solving of disputed issued with state authorities.

The cost of accounting servicing depends of the volume of the services ordered by the client, as well as on the peculiarities of the client’s business, the taxation system specifics and the frequency of performance of some or other operations. As a rule, the average monthly cost of accounting servicing may range from 20 to 50 thous. rubles. Detailed pricing information is provided here.

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