дизайн интерьера в украине

Management reporting

Russian accounting has a certain specifics. It reflects not so much the economic essence of the company’s operations as the tax one. Besides, Russian accounting standards are very different from the worldwide accounting standards.

As a result, the company’s incorporators (especially if they are foreigners) may obtain a distorter opinion about the true state of affairs. To avoid it, we offer a service related to preparation of management reporting for the owners of the company, which allows getting of a real image of the current economic developments of the enterprise and transferring of Russian accounting to the Western standards (IFRS, US GAAP).

We offer the following services:

- preparation of management reports according to the forms applicable in the client’s group of companies;

- transfer of Russian accounting to the Western standards;

- development of forms of management reports according to the requirements of the client’s company (group of companies).

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